Plumbing Tips

Blockage a common plumbing issue that we see, here are some things to help keep your sink and toilet drains clear. Drains are not trash cans.

  • Use basket strainers

  • Only flush toilet paper and body waste

  • Do not flush wipes or other hygiene products

  • Do not pour oil or grease down your sink drain

Leaks are also another very common plumbing issue and should be tackled as soon as they are detected; below are some signs you may have a leak.

  • Unexpected high water bill

  • Mildew or mold in the bathroom kitchen or laundry room area

  • Bubbles or discoloring on walls or ceiling

  • Damp or muddy areas in your yard

Make sure to know where your main shut off valve is.

Keep your main drain clear.

Prevent freezing pipes by winterizing your plumbing.

Ensure your sump pump is working and have a back-up battery installed.